Speaking of Women's Rights: World domination and Halloween candy

Friday, October 30, 2009

World domination and Halloween candy

Yesterday, Legal Voice made a plan to take over the world.

Well, not exactly. But we did take some time to think about the big picture that guides our daily work - in other words, we took part in some strategic planning exercises!

I know, thrill-o-rama. Even we cringed as we heard oursleves say corporate-ese things like "cultivate a culture of excellence." Once you're done yawning, though, take a look at the Wordle illustration I created from the draft of our new vision statement:

Puts some nice pictures in your head, doesn't it? Yesterday ended up being a great day to feel optimistic and idealistic about everything that Legal Voice does, thanks to the expert guidance of our consultant, Heather Andersen. A little motivation in the form of Halloween candy didn't hurt, either.

What does your ideal version of the world look like? Ours has a whole lot of happy feminists running around shouting "Woo hoo! Social and economic justice everywhere! It's a dream come true!"