Speaking of Women's Rights: What on earth is a Bumpaholic?

Friday, October 2, 2009

What on earth is a Bumpaholic?

An article on the UK website Daily Mail makes a jaw-droppingly outrageous claim: that women become pregnant multiple times because they are addicted to the "euphoria of pregnancy."

There are almost too many obnoxious elements of the piece to try to name the highlights. Which is worst? The writer's assumption that her observation ("I see lots of pregnant women!") = a real trend, despite having a single, unexamined statistic about birth rates as her only research? Or is it the way that women are represented exclusively by celebrity actresses and models? Or maybe it's the weird insistence on diminishing and cute-ifying childbearing by referring to women's pregnant bellies as "bumps."

Regardless, I think this piece illustrates a trend I've noticed in celebrity reporting lately - not that I've conducted a thorough literature review. I marked up a copy of the article to show you what I mean... Click the small image below for a larger version.