Speaking of Women's Rights: Words are powerful

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Words are powerful

Kudos to Mexico City for turning a beautiful phrase this week as its lawmakers legalized same-sex marriage.

Legal Voice tends to be a bit writerly – we’re wordsmiths and grammar nerds. We’ve spent 12+ hours and counting composing our new vision and mission statement, for crying out loud…

So it’s no surprise that Mexico City’s rewritten definition of marriage warmed our bookish hearts. The precise wording? Marriage is now defined as "the free uniting of two people."

Let’s hope that this isn’t just a verbal victory, but the continuation of a trend that rolls into 2010 and beyond. Legal Voice worked all summer and fall to help pass Referendum 71, which brings domestic partnership rights in Washington State in line with the legal rights accorded to married couples. (You can get all the details in our new brochure on domestic partnership rights.)

Now we’ve got our eye on the big prize: full marriage equality. This week’s news from Mexico definitely bolsters our enthusiasm.

Photo: laverrue